If looks could Kale…

It seems like everyone who is health conscious has become addicted to kale, myself included. But recently I was turned on to some disturbing facts about kale. In its raw state kale contains a toxin called OXALIC ACID which is a toxin that causes many reactions but the most common and painful is kidney stones. There are only 3 ways to avoid your body from absorbing these toxins; 1- calcium load, if you are using kale in your protein shakes add in a calcium supplement or take calcium supplements prior to your shake. 2- steam or boil your kale prior to using it. If you are not using it in a saute or stir fry you can steam it for 5minutes then cool it down to use later. Where you will lose a small percentage of the vitamins most will stay in tact but ALL toxins will be removed (be sure to discard the steam water as all the toxins will be in the water). You can also boil it and receive the same results. 3- Drink mineral water as the minerals in the water will help fight off the Oxalic acid. Either way NEVER eat just raw kale, the same can be said of spinach as well. Also be aware that juicing Kale or spinach does NOT remove the oxalic acid.

Curly leaf kale (the most commonly used) has the highest percentage of Oxalic Acid.

Dinosaur kale has 50% less.

Dave Asprey  & Tait Fletcher of BULLETPROOF explain all of this & much more on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #361 Or you can get the podcast for free on Itunes as well. 

A side note: The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is absolutely one of the best podcasts ever. Wether or not you follow Joe Rogan’s brand, he is a valuable source of information on topics that a lot of people just do not touch on. Its an honest, real, true, factual depiction of how things in life really are. The podcast linked above is only one example of his awesomeness.

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